Revenue Enhancement

DataMax will research and identify businesses currently not paying business license tax to your town/city. In addition, DataMax will contact those businesses and work with them to submit an application and pay applicable taxes due including any late penalties.

Lost Revenue Reality:

Businesses come in, conduct business and leave without paying a business license tax on the revenue generated while in your town/city. This means you are not capturing owed revenue each and every day.

Let us help you put an end to this process!

The DataMax Advantage:

  • We have over 128 years of experience in collections and discovering new revenue sources.
  • Our proven processes will identify and link multiple data sources to generate new and/or undiscovered revenue streams.
  • Providing you with an industry leader’s system will increase your cash flow and reduce your expenses.
  • We are a performance based company — that means you pay no fees until we have provided results.

We can also assist you in other areas of Revenue Enhancement such as:

  • Hospitality & Accommodations Tax audits
  • EMS billing and collections
  • Any and all types of municipality collections: water, sewer, gas, power, abandoned property, library fines, parking tickets, property taxes etc.